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Europe's 21st century challenge : delivering liberty
Éditeur Ashgate Pub.
Année cop. 2010
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Europe's 21st century challenge : delivering liberty
1 vol.(xxii-330 p.) ; 25 cm
Bibliogr. p.[289]-322. Index
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Europe's twenty-first century challenge
Classification Dewey
The changing landscape of European liberty and security / Didier Bigo, Elspeth Guild and R.B.J. Walker ; The changing dynamics of security in an enlarged European Union / Elspeth Guild, Sergio Carrera and Thierry Balzacq ; Mapping the European field of security professionals / Didier Bigo, Philippe Bonditti and Christian Olsson ; Assuming responsibility in the changing dynamics of security? : the European security strategy and the EU as a security actor beyond its borders / Esther Barbé and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués ; The security dimension of EU policies between legal provisions and living practice : the European Council as the key / Wolfgang Wessels, Franziska Bopp and Cyril Gläser ; European governance and the interplay between liberty and security / Nikos Scandamis, Kosmas Boskovits, Sofoklis Stratakis and Frantzis Sigalas ; Transparency and accountability : from structuro-procedural transparency and institutional accountability to communicating (in)security in digi-space / Juliet Lodge ; The legal competence with regard to external borders : examining coherence / Leonard F.M. Besselink, Evelien Brouwer, Galina Cornelise and Imelda Tappeiner ; Liberty, security and enlargement / Judit Tóth ; Gateways to Europe : checkpoints on the EU external land border / Marta Kindler and Ewa Matejko ; The constitutional price of visa free travel : the experiences of Bulgaria and Romania / Angelina Tchorbadjiyska ; Effects of exceptionalism on social cohesion in Europe and beyond / Alessandro Dal Lago, Salvatore Palidda and Federico Rahola ; Exceptionalism and its impact on the Euro-Mediterranean area / Cristina Fernández, Alejandra Manavella, Iñaki Rivera and Gabriela Rodriguez ; Securitization, liberty and law : the EU's 21st century / Elspeth Guild, Evelien Brouwer, Paul Minderhoud and Ricky van Oers ; Violence and exceptionalism in contemporary politics : war, liberty, security / Vivienne Jabri ; The value of security / Peter Burgess ; Delivering liberty and security? : the reframing of freedom when associated with security / Didier Bigo
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