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The history of sexuality in Europe : a sourcebook and reader
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2011
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The history of sexuality in Europe : a sourcebook and reader
1 vol. (XI-358 p.) ; 25 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction. The Magnetic Poetry Kit of Sex ; Did the ancient Greeks accept love, desire and relationships between men? Sex and Sensuality in the Ancient World (2008) / Guilia Sissa ; "Against Timarchus." (346 BCE, 1919 edition) / Aeschines ; Was Jesus a queer eunuch? Putting Jesus in his place : a radical vision of household and kingdom (2003) / Halvor Moxnes ; Jesus on sexuality ; Did the medieval and early modern Islamic world accept men who had sex with male youths? Before Homosexuality in the Arab-Islamic World, 1500-1800 / Khaled El-Rouayheb ; A Book Containing the Risala Known as the Dove's Neck-Ring About Love and Lovers / Abu Muhammad Ali Ibn Hazm Al-Andalusi ; Are sexual morality and sexual prohibitions universal, or should they vary by culture? An Ethics of Cultural Exchange : Diderot's 'Supplement Au Voyage De Bougainville (2001) / Claudia Moscovici ; Supplement to the Voyage of Bougainville / Denis Diderot ; Were Victorians sexually repressed? The Long Sexual Revolution : English Women, Sex, and Contraception 1800-1975 (2004) / Hera Cook ; Aristotle's compleat Masterpiece : displaying the secrets of nature in the generation of Man (1755) ; Handbook of Dr. Kahn's museum (1863) ; Did female marriages undermine conventional marriage in the Victorian era? Between Women : Friendship, Desire, and Marriage in Victorian England (2007) / Sharon Marcus ; I know My Own Heart / Anne Lister ; How were definitions of prostitution influenced by race, and were experts able to control prostitution? Prostitution, Race and Politics : Venereal Disease and the British Empire / Phillipa Levine ; An Enquiry into the Causes of the Great Sanitary Failure of the State Regulation of Social Vice / Joseph Edmondson ; Did sexologists impose definitions of homosexuality on men and women who desired those of the same sex? Stepchildren of Nature : Krafft-Ebing, Psychiatry, and the Making of Sexual Identity / Harry Oosterhuis ; Psychopathia Sexualis / Richard Krafft-Ebing ; The problem of heterosexuality. Could men and women find happiness together? 'A Dark, Impenetrable Wall of Complete Incomprehension' : The Impossibility of Heterosexual Love in Imperial Germany / Edward Ross Dickinson ; The Sexual Crisis; a Critique of Our Sex Life / Grete Meisel-Hess ; Was banning clitoridectomy humanitarian or imperialist? Jomo Kenyatta, Marie Bonaparte and Bronislaw Malinowski on Clitoridectomy and Female Sexuality (2008) / Bodil Folke Frederiksen ; Facing Mount Kenya / Jomo Kenyatta ; Speeches by the Duchess of Atholl and Eleanor Rathbone (1929) ; Was abortion reform motivated by eugenics, leftwing politics, or Nazu power? Cultures of Abortion in Weimar / Cornelia Osborne ; Abortion and Sterilization in Denmark / Dr. J. Leunbach ; Did 1960s feminists hate sex? The Redstocking Movement : Sex, Love, and Politics in 1968 (2004) / Lynn Walter ; I Accuse! (1969) / Mette Ejlersen ; Should prostitution be legalized or punished? Through the prism of prostitution : conceptions of women and sexuality in Sweden at Two Fins-De Siècle (2005) / Yvonne Svanström ; Temporarily yours : intimacy, authenticity, and the commerce of sex (2007) / Elizabeth Bernstein
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