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Wikibrands : reinventing your company in a customer-driven marketplace
Éditeur McGraw-Hill
Année cop. 2011
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Wikibrands : reinventing your company in a customer-driven marketplace
1 vol. (XV-318 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. 291-308. Index
Classification Dewey
The birth of wikibrands: from ownership, trust, want, preference, love, and now participation ; a 150-year fascination ; The Wikibrand rallying cry: the new "mad men" ; A wikibrand road map: taking the high road and avoiding the potholes of a collaborative brand path ; The six benefits of wikibrands: marketing doesn't fit in tiny boxes anymore ; A wikibrand culture: changing your mind-set about the brand customer ; Focus: if I don't know where you're going, I don't want you getting there fast ; Language and content : business gets humanized and presses the "awesome" button ; Incentives, motivations, and outreach: brand fans do it for themselves, not for you ; Rules, guidelines and rituals: this is how we do things, and that's ok ; Tools and platforms: if you build it, they may come ; Community development: the life stages of a wikibrand community ; Internalizing community and channeling Tom Sawyer: the graying line between employee and enthusiast champions ; Community management: how to build a brand garden, not a ghost town ; Measurement and metrics: the imperfect science of monitoring wikibrand performance ; The personal wikibrand: your brand is what they say about you when you're not in the room ; The future: brand participation comes alive in the company ; Reference guide: wikibrands extended
Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover show you how to take advantage of the exciting new models of business and technologies--and enthusiastic online communities--one click at a time. --from publisher description
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