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Climate ethics : essential readings
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2010
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Climate ethics : essential readings
1 vol. (XVI-351 p.) : ill., couv. ill. en coul. ; 26 cm
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Climate ethics essential readings 2010
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Classification Dewey
Ethics and global climate change / Stephen M. Gardiner ; The economics of climate change / Nicholas Stern ; Ethics, public policy, and global warming / Dale Jamieson ; A perfect moral storm: climate change, intergenerational ethics, and the problem of moral corruption / Stephen M. Gardiner ; Global environment and international inequality / Henry Shue ; Energy policy and the further future: the identity problem / Derek Parfit ; Cosmopolitan justice, responsibility, and global climate change / Simon Caney ; Deadly delays, saving opportunities: creating a more dangerous world? / Henry Shue ; Climate change, human rights, and moral thresholds / Simon Caney ; One atmosphere / Peter Singer ; Subsistence emissions and luxury emissions / Henry Shue ; Greenhouse development rights: a framework for climate protection that is "more fair" than equal per capita emissions rights / Paul Baer, with Tom Athanasiou, Sivan Kartha, and Eric Kemp-Benedict ; Selling environmental indulgences / Robert E. Goodin ; Adaptation to climate change: who pays whom? / Paul Baer ; Adaption, mitigation, and justice / Dale Jamieson ; Is "arming the future" with geoengineering really the lesser evil?: Some doubts about the ethics of intentionally manipulating the climate system / Stephen M. Gardiner ; When utilitarians should be virtue theorists / Dale Jamieson ; It's not my fault: global warming and individual moral obligations / Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
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