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America's war on terror
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America's war on terror
Second edition
1 vol. (XIV-312 p.) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. [293]-297. Index
Classification Dewey
Introduction: The politics and history of terror / Robert Watson ; [Part I, Origins of the War on Terror] ; Osama bin Laden, radical Islam and the United States / Tom Lansford and Jack Covarrubias ; The fight against terrorism in historical context: George W. Bush and the development of presidential foreign policy regimes / Neal Allen ; The war on terrorism and the just use of military force / Patrick Hayden ; Why identify and confront the 'axis of evil'? / Robert Pauly ; [Part I, Domestic Implications] ; Presidential priorities and budgetary realities: how critical is the president as an individual in shaping the national budget? / Michael G. Dziubinski and Steve Yetiv ; President Bush and the war on terrorism: historic opportunity lost to complete his father's legacy and define his own place in history / John Davis ; The evolution of homeland security and the war on terror / Neil Reedy and Justin Miller ; [Part III, Foreign Policy Implications] ; The Middle East peace process after 9/11 / Vaughn Shannon ; The limits of military power: the United Staes in Iraq / Tom Lansford and Jack Covarrubias ; Three-dimensional chess: an analysis of the circumstances of terrorism in Central and South Asia / Dirk van Raemdonck ; The effects of globalization on transnational terrorism / Shahdad Naghshpour and J.J. St.Marie ; [Part IV, Future Challenges] ; 'Terrorism' in the moral discourse of humanity / Mark Evans ; Why Bush should have explained September 11th / Kirstin Andrews ; Rebalancing America's war on terror: President Obama / Matthew A. Williams and Jack Covarrubias
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