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The Ashgate research companion to ethics and international relations
Éditeur Ashgate
Année cop. 2009
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The Ashgate research companion to ethics and international relations
1 vol. (X-492 p.) ; 26 cm
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Classification Dewey
[Part 1, Ethical traditions and normative perspectives] ; The origins of realism revisited / Gabriella Slomp ; Liberalism / Andrew Williams ; Cosmopolitanism past and present / Patrick Hayden ; Critical theory, Marxism and international ethics / Steven C. Roach ; Feminist ethics in world politics / Fiona Robinson ; Poststructuralism / Maja Zehfuss ; [Part 2, The ethics of war and peace] ; Just war theory and the ethics of war and peace / Brian Orend ; Humanitarian intervention / Anthony F. Lang Jr ; From state security to human security? / Matthew S. Weinert ; Ethics and weapons of mass destruction / Steven P. Lee ; Pacifism and international relations / Iain Atack ; [Part 3, The ethics and politics of human rights] ; Human rights universalism / Anthony J. Langlois ; Genocide: ethical and normative perspectives / Adam Jones ; Gender and human rights / Serena Parekh ; Children's human rights and the politics of childhood / Alison M.S. Watson ; Human rights democracy / Paul Voice ; Transitional justice: from the local to the international / Elizabeth Stanley ; [Part 4, Dimensions of international justice] ; Poverty, inequality, and global distributive justice / Luis Cabrera ; Political exclusion of refugees in the ethics of international relations / Mark N.F. Franke ; Human rights, human needs, human development, human security / Des Gasper ; Environmental justice: national and international dimensions / Ruchi Anand ; Multinational corporations and global responsibilities / Morton Winston ; Nationalism, self-determination, and secession / Omar Dahbour ; [Part 5, The ethics of a global society] ; The ethics of global governance and global governance ethics / James Brassett ; Understanding and analyzing social movements and alternative globalization / Martin Weber ; Dialogue and international ethics: religion, cultural diversity, and universalism / Richard Shapcott ; The transformation of political community and conceptions of global citizenship / William Smith
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