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Secret intelligence : a reader
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Secret intelligence : a reader
1 vol. (552 p.) ; 25 cm.
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Classification Dewey
[Introduction: What is intelligence?] ; Wanted: a definition of 'intelligence' / Michael Warner ; Ideas of intelligence: divergent national concepts and institutions / Philip Davies ; [Part I, The Intelligence cycle] ; The collection of intelligence : it’s a cultural thing: thoughts on a troubled CIA / Garrett Jones ; All glory is fleeting: sigint and the fight against international terrorism / Matthew Aid ; A venerable source in a new era: sailing the sea of OSINT in the information age / Stephen Mercado ; The analysis of intelligence : surprise despite warning: why sudden attacks succeed / Richard Betts ; What to do when traditional models fail / Carmen Medina ; Intelligence at the top: producer-consumer linkage : American presidents and their intelligence communities / C.M. Andrew ; Squaring the circle: dealing with intelligence-policy breakdowns / K.L. Gardiner ; Liaison: intelligence co-operation : international intelligence co-operation: an inside perspective / Stephen Lander ; [Part II: Intelligence, counter-terrorism and security] ; Intelligence and 9/11 : Strategic surprise and the September 11 attacks / Daniel Byman ; Deja vu? Comparing Pearl Harbor and September 11 / James J. Wirtz ; Intelligence and WMD : reports, politics, and intelligence failures: the case of Iraq / Robert Jervis ; Intelligence and Iraq: the UK's four enquiries / Richard J. Aldrich ; Security Intelligence and Counter-terrorism : Intelligence and strategy in the war on islamist terrorism / John R. Schindler ; Intelligence in Northern Ireland / B. Bamford ; Counter-Intelligence: Counterintelligence: the broken triad / Frederick L Wettering ; [Part III, Ethics, accountability and control] ; The Problems of oversight and accountability : Partisanship and the decline of intelligence oversight / M.C. Ott ; The British experience with intelligence accountability / Mark Phythian ; The problem of surveillance and civil liberties : domestic intelligence and civil liberties / Kate Martin ; High policing in the security control society / James Sheptycki ; Intelligence and ethics : Ethics and intelligence after September 2001 / Michael Herman ; Ethical guidelines in using secret intelligence for public security / Sir David Omand ; Torture and assassination : Can the torture of terrorist suspects be justified? / Maureen Ramsay ; [Part IV, Intelligence and the new warfare] ; Covert action : Covert action and the Pentagon / Jennifer D. Kibbe ; Intelligence, deception and military operations :Netcentric wargare, C4ISR and information operations / John Ferris ; Intelligence and counter-Insurgency : Securing the globe / Peter Gill ; Intelligence for peacekeeping and peacemaking : Intelligence and UN peacekeeping / Hugh Smith ; Intelligence and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) / Joop van Reijn ; Conclusion : Learning to live with intelligence / Welsey K. Wark
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