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Politics of globalization
Éditeur SAGE
Année 2009
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Politics of globalization
1 vol. (XXVI-439 p.) ; 23 cm
Bibliogr. en fin de chapitres. Index
Classification Dewey
Introduction : A reflection on politics of globalization and textual entrails / Samir Dasgupta ; Coup d'état and paper tiger in Washington, fiery dragon in the Pacific / Andre Gunder Frank ; From 'We the people' to 'We the planet' : neoconservative visions of a global USA / Manfred B. Steger ; The transnational capitalist class and the politics of capitalist globalization / Leslie Sklair ; Transnationalization, class and the state / William K. Tabb ; Globalization theory or theories of (capitalist) globalization : the political implications of the distinction / Ray Kiely ; Entering global anarchy / Immanuel Wallerstein ; Towards the 21st century international division of labour / Jan Nederveen Pieterse ; Dialectics of globalization : from theory to practice / Douglas Kellner ; Policing anti-globalization protests : patterns and variations in state responses / Tomás Mac Sheoin and Nicola Yeates ; Globalization politics with women's empowerment / Samir Dasgupta ; Coping with market liberalism : politics of trade unionism in contemporary India / Biswajit Ghosh ; Globalization and the human empire / Steven Best ; Exploring global agrifood politics and the position of limited resource producers in the United States / John J. Green and Anna M. Kleiner ; Nothing has been decided : the chances and risks of feasible globalization / Nico Stehr ; The boundaries of citizenship : dual, nested and global / Peter Kivisto and Thomas Faist ; Globalization : whither socially responsible initiatives? / Ananda Das Gupta ; A global community-building language? / Amitai Etzioni ; Sites of globalization : the social and cultural origins of community libraries / Gabriel Ignatow
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