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Don't tread on me : anti-Americanism abroad
Éditeur Encounter Books
Année 2009
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Don't tread on me : anti-Americanism abroad
1 vol. (xxii-262 p.) ; 23 cm
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Do not tread on me
Classification Dewey
Preface: What is happening "over there"? ; Introduction to an expatriate ; Murderous Kenya, bloody Pakistan, and sweet Iowa : why America is still a beacon of democracy ; Carol Gould returns to the USA ; "Americans are so stupid!" ; Faith, Bush, and fiercely secular Britain (a.k.a. Dawkinsland) ; "Put that flag away and talk proper English!" ; A Yankee in the Green Man Pub (and Condi Rice in Blackburn) ; "Americans are destroying the planet and we will all die!" ; But aren't we best friends with Great Britain? ; "Americans are vile, genocidal, slavery-loving, and illiterate religious fanatics" ; The myth of the Jewish cabals ; "The Jews control the US media and the way Americans think!" ; "Is good the Jew and Hindu killed!" ; The hate-America/hate Israel fests in London sponsored by the police and Western Union ; The Israel factor : "you people invented terrorism, and Israel is an abomination supported by the other terrorist state, the USA!" ; When all else fails, blame the Jewish lobby! ; The independent's shameful "Jewish American flag" ; "That vile expansionist little nation" and "that vile imperialist superpower!" ; Sir David Hare and Rumsfeld ; Harold Pinter and his "America obsession" ; "How can 57 million people be so stupid?" ; From Greenham Common to Trident--the small matter of "Red Ken" Livingstone ; Ken Livingstone and Daniel Pipes in a clash of civilizations ; Friendly fire--those criminal American GIs! ; Casinos will bring "American-style" spent needles, thrown-away condoms, and prostitution to all of Britain ; "You people killed Mountbatten!" ; Interlude--in praise of MI5, the NHS, British veterans, and some wonderful journalists ; "Die, Glazer, die!"--the charming reaction of British football fans to an American tycoon ; Mayfair bans America, now and forever ; You may have to walk alone, Liverpool-- but Avram Grant will never walk alone ; The European view ; "Go back to America!" said the (most likely illegal) immigrant to me ; Interlude--on a lighter note ; Dear Archbishop of Canterbury--why I still adore America ; Booing the "Star-spangled banner"--and pumpkin pie! ; Americans "poison" British soldiers--and I finally get whacked! ; Epilogue: America beckons once more
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