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The political psychology of democratic citizenship
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The political psychology of democratic citizenship
1 vol. (xii-388 p.) ; 25 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction: Normative conceptions of democratic citizenship and evolving empirical research / Eugene Borgida, Christopher M. Federico, and John L. Sullivan ; The psychology of civic learning / Michael X. Delli Carpini ; What knowledge is of most worth? / Paul E. Johnson ; Shallow cues with deep effects : trait judgments from faces and voting decisions / Crystal C. Hall ... [et al.] ; Strategic politicians, emotional citizens, and the rhetoric of prediction / Jennifer Jerit, James H. Kuklinski, and Paul J. Quirk ; The role of persuasion strategies in motivating individual and collective action / Mark Snyder, Allen M. Omoto, and Dylan M. Smith ; Social identity and citizenship in a pluralistic society / Marilynn B. Brewer ; The politics of recognition : a social psychological perspective / Pamela Johnston Conover ; Diverging ideological viewpoints on pathways to more harmonious intergroup relations / Charles M. Judd and Bernadette Park ; Tolerance and the contact hypothesis : a field experiment / Donald P. Green and Janelle S. Wong ; Racial stereotyping and political attitudes : the view from political science / Mark Peffley and Jon Hurwitz ; Collective identity and the mass media / William A. Gamson ; Social identity and representations of society and politics in the news / W. Lance Bennett ; Experimental social psychology, broader contexts, and the politics of multiculturalism / David O. Sears ; Political psychology : the promise of (and impediments to) synergistic interdisciplinary scholarship / Lindsey C. Levitan, Penny S. Visser, and Susan T. Fiske ; What has political psychology to offer regarding democratic citizenship? / George E. Marcus
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