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Higher education and international student mobility in the global knowledge economy
Éditeur State University of New York Press
Année cop. 2008
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Higher education and international student mobility in the global knowledge economy
1 vol. (XVII-335 p.) : ill. ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. 295-315. Index
Classification Dewey
The Global Knowledge Economy and Higher Education ; Introduction ; Globalization and the knowledge economy ; The industrial society ; Transformation to the knowledge society and the global knowledge economy ; The global higher education agenda ; Enrollment and Increasing Demand ; Increasing demand ; Demographic shift and nontraditional students ; Increasing demand and international student mobility ; The Rise of Market Forces ; Historical background ; Public spending and tuition fees ; Private institutions ; Changing patterns of governance ; Historical background ; The state, the academia, and the society as actors in governance ; Transformation from the regulatory to the evaluative state ; Spread of lay governance, strengthened institutional leadership, and a redefinition of autonomy ; The rise of market forces in relation to international student mobility ; New Providers of Higher Education ; Introduction ; Impact of technology ; Impact of technology on traditional institutions ; Distributed learning ; Virtual arms and unbundling of services in traditional institutions ; Types of new providers ; Consortia and networks ; For-profit higher education ; Virtual universities ; Corporate universities ; Certificate programs ; Museums, libraries, publishers, and media enterprises ; Academic brokers ; Franchises and branch campuses ; The global higher education market ; Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education ; Historical antecedents ; International academic mobility in the Greco-Roman and the Muslim worlds ; International academic mobility in medieval times ; International academic mobility: 1500-1800 ; The birth of the Napoleonic university and the German research university ; International academic mobility in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries ; The emergence of the modern American university ; Globalization and internationalization of higher education since 1950 ; Definition of terms ; Globalization and internationalization ; Rationales for internationalization of higher education ; The European response: the Bologna process ; Chronological background ; An evaluation of the Bologna process ; GATS: a "commercial/Anglo-Saxon response" ; Quality assurance in transnational higher education: "multinational organizational responses" ; The global higher education agenda and international student mobility ; International Student Mobility ; The global picture today ; Major host countries ; United States of America ; Enrollment statistics ; An evaluation of internationalization politics of the United States ; The United Kingdom ; Germany ; France ; Australia ; Other major and emerging host countries ; Japan ; Russia ; Canada ; New Zealand ; Major countries of origin of foreign students ; China: a major source country and an emerging major host country ; India ; Other major countries of origin ; Regional breakdown of inte
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