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International environmental governance
Éditeur Ashgate
Année cop. 2008
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International environmental governance
1 vol. (XXXVI-581 p.) ; 25 cm
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Recueil d'articles publiés entre 1968 et 2004
Classification Dewey
Approaches to international environmental governance / Peter M. Haas ; [Part I, History of environmental governance] ; Methods to expedite environmental protection / Peter Sand and Paolo Contini ; One year after Stockholm: an ecological approach to management / Maurice Strong ; [Part II, Nature of environmental governance problem] ; The tragedy of the commons / Garrett Harden ; The struggle to govern the commons / Thomas Dietz, Elinor Ostrom and Paul C. Stern ; The environmental information needs of the decision maker / Martin Holdgate ; [Part III, Realism and power politics] ; The management of international affairs / Kenneth Waltz ; [Part IV, Institutional bargaining] ; The politics of international regime formation / Oran R. Young ; Institutions for the earth / Haas, Keohane and Levy ; The interest based explanation of international environmental policy / Sprintz and Vaahtoranta ; Constructing effective environmental regimes / George W. Downs ; [Part IV, Scientific Governance] ; Learning to learn / Peter M. Haas and Ernst B. Haas ; The role of science in environmental regimes / Rolf Lidskog and Goran Sundqvist ; Conclusions / Arild Underdal and Epilogue /Edward Miles et al. ; [Part VI, Private governance]Private environmental governance and international relations / Robert Falkner ; Bargains old and new: multinational corporations in global governance / David L. Levy and Aseem Prakash ; Talking with the donkey / Kathryn Harrison ; Legitimacy and the privatization of environmental governance / Benjamin Cashore ; Green by choice / Kollman and Prakash ; The privatization of global environmental governance / Jennifer Clapp ; [Part VII, Civil Society] ; Politics beyond the state / Paul Wapner ; NGO influence in international environmental negotiations / Elisabeth Corell and Michele Betsill ; [Part VIII, Networked governance] ; Addressing the global governance deficit / Peter M. Haas ; Institutional interactions / Konrad von Moltke ; Reconstituting the global public domain / John Gerard Ruggie
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