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Big picture realities : Canada and Mexico at the crossroads
Éditeur Wilfred Laurier University Press
Année cop. 2008
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Big picture realities : Canada and Mexico at the crossroads
1 vol. (VIII-300 p.) ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction: Big picture realities in a post-NAFTA era / Daniel Drache ; [Part 1: NAFTA: a closed chapter or a fresh start?] ; Bon anniversaire NAFTA: the elusive and asymmetrical benefits of a decade of North American integration / Daniel Drache ; Towards a North American economic and security space / Gustavo Vega-Canovas ; [Part 2: The inescapable border: immigration flows, human rights, and political refugees] ; Rights at the borders: human rights and migration in the Canada-Mexico relationship / Alex Neve ; Human rights and Mexican foreign policy / Ana Covarrubias ; [Part 3: The Bush revolution in foreign policy: Canada and Mexico at the crossroads] ; The inconsistent neighbour: Canadian resistance and support for the US foreign policy counter-revolution / Stephen Clarkson ; The Bush revolution in foreign policy and Mexico: the limits to unilateralism / Jorge Chabat ; [Part 4: North American security perimeter: the mega agenda] ; Smart trumps security: Canada's border security policy since 11 September / Wesley K. Wark ; Mexico and North American security / Jordi Diez ; [Part 5: Open regionalism and the national interest: new dynamics of divergence] ; North American energy security: a common or divergent future? / Isidro Morales ; The end of neo-liberal regionalism in Mexico? / Rosalba Icaza Garza ; [Part 6: Asian turbo-capitalism and the Brazilian miracle: winners and losers?] ; The Dragon in Aztec lands / Victor Lopez Villafane ; Brazil and Mexico: the politics of continental drift / Edgar J. Dosman ; [Part 7: Building the Canada-Mexico relationship: thinking outside the box] ; Thinking outside the box in Canada-Mexico relations: the long road from convenience to commitment / Andrew F. Cooper ; The future of Mexico-Canada relations: bilateral and trilateral solutions in North America / Duncan Wood ; Civil society and the bifurcated state: Mexico in the Latin American mirror / Carlos H. Waisman
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