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Five dimensions of homeland and international security
Éditeur Center for Transatlantic Relations
Année cop. 2008
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Five dimensions of homeland and international security
1 vol. (V-184 p.) ; 23 cm
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Introduction : Five dimensions of homeland and international security / Esther Brimmer and Daniel S. Hamilton ; ch. 1. The international aspects of societal resilience : framing the issues / David Omand ; ch. 2. Chemical weapons terrorism : need for more than the 5Ds / Amy Sands and Jennifer Machado ; ch. 3. Reviving deterrence / Jonathan Stevenson ; ch. 4. Criminal and terrorist networks : gauging interaction and the resultant impact on counter-terrorism / Tamara Makarenko ; ch. 5. Dissuasion and the war on terror : what is meant by dissuasion, and how might it apply to the war on terror? / Charles D. Lutes and M. Elaine Bunn ; ch. 6. Trade security : stovepipes in motion / Robert Quartel ; ch. 7. Deterrence and homeland security : a defensive-denial strategy against terrorists / James H. Lebovic ; ch. 8. Creating a national homeland security plan / Bruce Davis ; ch. 9. The case for a new guard operational model / Lawrence J. Korb and Sean E. Duggan ; ch. 10. Homeland security and the protection of critical energy infrastructures : a European perspectives / Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster ; ch. 11. The use of economic sanctions to maintain international peace and security and combat international terrorism / Chantal de Jonge Oudraat
The Five Dimensions of Homeland and International Security project set out to understand better the intersections between homeland and international security and the implications of these connections for preparedness. For decades strategists endeavored to develop theories that helped policy makers safeguard vital national interest during Cold War. The post 9/11 world raises the specter of violent non-state actors able to inflict mass casualties even on the most powerful country in the world. Hurricane Katrina reminded us of the violence of nature that can also have a devastating impact on the nation. This project considered whether some national security concepts can help orient homeland security thinking to promote preparedness. The objective is to enhance the security of our society by being prepared to address a range of challenges. The project explored the applicability of "5Ds": deterrence, denial, dissuasion, defense and diplomacy. The goal was not to slavishly apply traditional concepts, but to seek a nugget of insight from each to help forge new, effective ways to support preparedness. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11 policymakers' attention focused on securing the homeland; however, we suggest that shaping the international environment can enhance or detract from homeland security. International security concepts may provide ways to influence the international environment that makes preparedness more effective at home
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