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Opportunity 08 : independent ideas for America s next president
Éditeur Brookings Institution Press
Année cop. 2007
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Opportunity 08 : independent ideas for America s next president
1 vol. (XIII-382 p.) ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
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Foreword / Strobe Talbott ; Big ideas for the 2008 race / Michael E. O'Hanlon ; [Part I. Our world] ; Countering Iran's revolutionary challenge : a strategy for the next phase / Peter W. Rodman ; Engaging the Muslim world : a communication strategy to win the war of ideas / Hady Amr and P.W. Singer ; Contending with the rise of China : build on three decades of progress / Jeffrey A. Bader and Richard C. Bush III ; Constructing a successful China strategy : promote balance and democratic ideas in Asia / Michael Green ; Tackling trade and climate : leadership on the home front of foreign policy / William Antholis and Strobe Talbott ; Ending oil dependence : protecting national security, the environment, and the economy / David Sandalow ; Waning chances for stability : navigating bad options in Iraq / Carlos Pascual and Kenneth M. Pollack ; Back to balancing in the Middle East : a new strategy for constructive engagement / Martin S. Indyk and Tamara Cofman Wittes ; Bent but not broken : how the next Commander in Chief can prevent the breaking of the US military / P.W. Singer ; [Part II. Our society] ; Empowering moderate voters : implement an instant runoff strategy / John Edward Porter ; Rethinking US rental housing policy : build on state and local innovations / Bruce Katz and Margery Austin Turner ; Attacking poverty and inequality : reinvigorate the fight for greater opportunity / Ron Haskins and Isabel V. Sawhill ; Pathways to the middle class : ensuring greater upward mobility for all Americans / Hugh B. Price, Amy Liu, and Rebecca Sohmer ; [Part III. Our prosperity] ; Taming the deficit : forge a grand compromise for a sustainable future / William Frenzel ... [et al.] ; Realistic approaches to head off a US economic crisis / Warren B. Rudman ... [et al.] ; Extending deregulation : making the US economy more efficient / Robert W. Crandall ; Strengthening higher education : simplify student aid and emphasize vital science, math, and language skills / Peter Berkowitz ; Meeting the dilemma of health care access : extending insurance coverage while controlling costs / Henry J. Aaron and Joseph P. Newhouse ; Meeting the challenge of health care quality : achieve reforms in Medicare, quality, and malpractice / Henry J. Aaron and Joseph P. Newhouse ; Slowing the growth of health spending : we need mixed strategies, and we need to start now / Joseph R. Antos and Alice M. Rivlin ; Promoting retirement security : make saving easier and more rewarding / William G. Gale ; Fixing the tax system : support fairer, simpler, and more adequate taxation / William G. Gale ; Strengthening US information technology : keep America no. 1 on the Net / Sean Maloney and Christopher Thomas.
"Discussion and solutions to pressing policy challenges are presented to help presidential candidates, political observers, and the informed public focus on critical issues facing the nation leading up to the 2008 elections. Tackles a broad range of issues, organized under three categories: Our World, Our Society, and Our Prosperity"--Provided by publisher.
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