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The economists' voice : top economists take on today's problems
Éditeur Columbia University Press
Année cop. 2008
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The economists' voice : top economists take on today's problems
1 vol. (VIII-317 p.) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Climate change: the uncertainties, the certainties, and what they imply about action / Thomas C. Schelling ; Global climate change: a challenge to policy / Kenneth J. Arrow ; A new agenda for global warming / Joseph E. Stiglitz ; A meaningful second commitment period for the Kyoto protocol / Shelia M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins ; Divergent views on the coming dollar crisis / J. Bradford DeLong ; U.S. offshoring: small steps to make it win-win / Diana Farrell ; Advance market commitments: how to stimulate investment in vaccines for neglected diseases / Owen Barder, Michael Kremer, and Heidi Williams ; Should we still support untrammeled international capital mobility? Or are capital controls less evil than we once believed? / J. Bradford DeLong ; The economic cost of the Iraq war / Scott Wallsten ; The high cost of the Iraq war / Joseph E. Stiglitz ; Sense and nonsense about federal deficits and debt / Michael J. Boskin ; Government deficits and the deindustrialization of America / Ronald I. McKinnon ; Confusions about social security / Paul Krugman ; The many definitions of social security privatization / Don Fullerton and Michael Geruso ; The virtues of personal accounts for social security / Edward P. Lazear ; Could social security go broke? / Barbara R. Bergmann ; A broader perspective on the tax reform debate / Michael J. Boskin ; Tax reform: time for a plan C? / Michael J. Graetz ; Taxes on investment income remain too high and lead to multiple distortions / Martin Feldstein ; Progressive consumption taxation as a remedy for the U.S. savings shortfall / Robert H. Frank ; Was welfare reform successful? / Rebecca M. Blank ; Cutting the safety net one strand at a time / Janet Currie ; The choose-your-charity tax: a way to incentivize greater giving / Aaron S. Edlin ; Should the government rebuild New Orleans or just give residents checks? / Edward L. Glaeser ; Does college still pay? / Lisa Barrow and Cecilia Elena Rouse ; How to deal with terrorism / Bruno S. Frey ; The economics of capital punishment / Richard A. Posner ; On the economics of capital punishment / Gary S. Becker ; The death penalty: no evidence for deterrence / John Donohue and Justin J. Wolfers ; Reply to Donohue and Wolfers on the death penalty and deterrence / Paul H. Rubin ; Letter: a reply to Rubin the death penalty / John Donohue and Justin J. Wolfers ; Reply: the death penalty once more / Paul H. Rubin ; Long-term perspectives on the current boom in home prices / Robert J. Shiller ; The menace of an unchecked housing bubble / Dean Baker ; What to do about Fannie and Freddie? / Edward L. Glaeser and Dwight M. Jaffee
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