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Globalization and health
Éditeur Oxford University Press
Année 2007
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Globalization and health
1 vol.(xv, 340 p.) : ill., carte ; 27 cm
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362.104 2
Globalization and health: challenges and prospects / Ichiro Kawachi and Sarah Wamala ; Infectious disease in the age of globalization / Lance Saker, Kelley Lee, and Barbara Cannito ; Globalization and tobacco / Derek Yach ... [et al.] ; The rapid shifts in stages of the nutrition transition: the global obesity epidemic / Barry M. Popkin and Michelle Mendez ; Global climate change and human health / A.J. McMichael and G. Ranmuthugala ; Car culture, transport policy, and public health / Tord Kjellstrom and Sarah Hinde ; Poverty and inequality in a globalizing world / Ichiro Kawachi and Sarah Wamala ; The consequences of economic globalization on working conditions, labor relations, and workers' health / Christer Hogstedt, David H. Wegman, and Tord Kjellstrom ; Population movements / Pascale Allotey and Anthony Zwi ; Globalization and women's health / Sarah Wamala and Ichiro Kawachi ; Summary measures of population health: controversies and new directions / Daniel D. Reidpath ; Health impact assessment: towards globalization as if human rights mattered / Eileen O'Keefe and Alex Scott-Samuel ; Structural adjustment programs and health / Anna Breman and Carolyn Shelton ; Poverty reduction strategy papers: bold new approach to poverty eradication or old wine in new bottles? / Sarah Wamala, Ichiro Kawachi and Besinati Phiri Mpepo ; Health policy and the World Trade Organization / M. Gregg Bloche and Elizabeth R. Jungman ; Promoting public health in the 21st century: the role of the World Health Organization / Ruth Bonita, Alec Irwin, and Robert Beaglehole ; What's politics got to do with it? health, the G8, and the global economy / Ted Schrecker and Ronald Labonte ; Military spending: global health threat or global public good? / Raymond R. Hyatt, Jr
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