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Law reports of trials of war criminals
Éditeur W. S. Hein
Année 1997
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Law reports of trials of war criminals
3 vol. (pagination multiple) ; 23 cm
Reprod. photomécanique de l'éd. de : London : His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1947-1949
Classification Dewey
[1]. Vol. 1 à 5 (1947). 1 : the Peleus trial, the Dostler trial, the Almelo trial, the Hadamar trial, the scuttled U-boats case, the Jaluit Atoll case, the Dreierwalde case, the Essen lynching case, the Zyklon B case ; 2 : the Belsen trial ; 3 : trial of Kriminalassistent K.-H. H. Klinge, trial of Kriminalsekretar R. W. H. Bruns and 2 others, trial of R. Wagner and 6 others, trial of G. Thiele and G. Steinert, trial of P. Back, trial of A. Bury and W. Hafner, trials of A. Schosser and of J. Goldbrunner and A. J. Wilm, trial of E. Killinger and 4 others, trial of Y. Chusaburo ; 4 : trial of General T. Yamashita, the Abbaye Ardenne case (trial of SS Brigadeführer K. Meyer), trial of Major K. Rauer and 6 others, trial of K. Student ; 5 : trial of lieutenant-general S. Sawada and 3 others, trial of sergeant-major S. Ohashi and 6 others, trial of captain E. Shinohara and 2 others, trial of captain E. Kato, trial of K. Buck and 10 others, trial of K. A. Golkel and 13 others, trial of W. Rohde and 8 others, trail of lieutenant general H. Isayama and 7 others, trial of General T. Hisakasu and 5 others, trial of Hauptsturmführer O. Hans.
[2]. Vol. 6 à 10 (1948). 6 : trial of J. Alstötter and others, trial of G. F. E. Flesch ; 7 : trial of Haupsturmführer A. L. Goeth, trial of Obersturmbannführer R. F. F. Hoess, trial of E. Milch, trial of G. Becker, W. Weber and 18 others, trial of J.-P. Lex, trial of H. Gerike and 7 others (the Velpke Children's Home case) ; 8 : trial of General von Mackensen and General Maelzer, trial of A. Kesselring, trial of C. Bauer, E. Schrameck and H. Falten, trial of F. Holstein and 2 others, trial of W. List and others ; 9 : US military tribunal Nuremberg (trial of F. Flick and 5 others, 20th April-22nd December, 1947), Permanent military tribunal at Clermont-Ferrand (trial of H. Szabados, judgement delivered on 23rd June, 1946), Permanent military tribunal at Metz (trial of A. and A. Bommer and their daughters, trial of K. Lingenfelder, trial of C. Baus, trial of Ph. Rust, trial of K.-H. Moehle, dates diverses), British military Court Hamburg (trial of H. von Ruchteschell, 5th-21st May, 1947), General military government court of the US zone of Germany (trial of O. Skorzeny and others, 18th August-9th September, 1947) ; 10 : the IG Farben trial (trial of C. Krauch and 22 others), trial of A. F. A. Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach and 11 others.
[3]. Vol. 11 à 15 (1949). 11 : trial of T. Koshiro, trial of M. G. Weiss and 39 others, trial of Generaloberst N. von Falkenhorst, trial of M. Wielen and 17 others, trial of lieutenant-general K. Maelzer, trial of leiutenant-general B. Masao, trial of T. Chuichi and 2 others, trial of Franz Schonfeld and 9 others, trial of J. Oenning and E. Nix, trial of H. Renoth and 3 others, trial of A. Heering, trial of W. Mackensen, trial of E. Schoengrath and 6 others ; 12 : the German high command trial ; 13 : trial of U. Greifelt and others, trial of Gauleiter A. Greiser, trial of A. Wagner, trial of W. Awochi, trial of S. Motosuke, trial of W. Gerbsch, trial of S. Motomura and 15 others, trial of H. Hagendorf, trial of E. Weiss and W. Mundo, trial of M. Schmid ; 14 : trial of T. Sakai, trial of L. Eisenträger and others, trial of Dr. J. Buhler, trial of H. P. H. Latza and 2 others, trial of J. Hangobl, trial of H. A. Rauter, trial of W. Zuehlke ; 15 : Digest of laws and cases
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