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Empire and neoliberalism in Asia
Éditeur Routledge
Année 2006
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Empire and neoliberalism in Asia
1 vol. (XVI-301 p.) ; 24 cm
Bibliogr. p. 262-296. Index
Classification Dewey
321.809 5
Empire, neo-liberalism, and Asia : an introduction / Vedi Hadiz ; The pole and the triangle : US power and the triangle of Americas, Asia, and Europe / Goran Therborn ; Beyond "new imperialism" : neo-liberalism, securitisation, and the new transnational regulatory governance / Kanishka Jayasuriya ; The reordering of the Pax Americana : how does Southeast Asia fit in? / Richard Robison ; The rise of the "neocons" and American foreign policy / Mark Beeson ; International conflicts and Asia at the end of the fossil energy regime / Elmar Altvater ; Neo-liberal globalisation, conflict, and security : new life for authoritarianism in Asia? / Garry Rodan and Kevin Hewison ; Indonesia : order and terror in a time of empire / Vedi Hadiz ; Islamic opposition in Malaysia : political idiom, moral economy, and religious governance / Khoo Boo Teik ; The US empire and the southern Philippines periphery : an aberrant case? / Patricio Abinales ; Fostering "authoritarian democracy" with violence : the effect of violent solutions in southern Thailand / Chaiwat Satha-Anand ; China's response to American neoconservatism empire / Zhiyuan Cui ; The post Cold War world order and domestic conflict in South Korea : neo-liberal and armed globalization / Sonn Hochul ; The USA, China, and identity politics in Taiwan / Lee Wen Chih and Yang Der-Ruey ; US imperialism and Bengali nationalism / Habibul Khondker ; Hindu fundamentalist politics in India : the alliance with the US empire in South Asia / Anand Teltumbd
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