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The environmental case : translating values into policy
Éditeur CQ Press
Année cop. 2006
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The environmental case : translating values into policy
Second edition
1 vol. (XIII-529 p.) : cartes ; 23 cm
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Classification Dewey
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Introduction : defining problems in U.S. environmental politics ; [Part 1 : Tackling the issues of pollution] ; The nation tackles pollution : the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts ; Love Canal : hazardous waste and the politics of fear ; Government secrets at Rocky Flats ; Community activism and environmental justice : the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative ; [Part. 2 : History, changing values, and resource management on public lands] ; Oil versus wilderness in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ; Federal grazing policy : some things never change ; Jobs versus the environment : saving the Northern spotted owl ; Playground or paradise? : snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park ; ; ; Part 3 : Addressing commons problems] ; Crisis in the New England fisheries ; Climate change : the challenges of international environmental policymaking ; Trade versus the environment : dolphins, turtles, and global economic expansion ; [Part 4 : Antienvironmental backlash and new approaches] ; Backlash : wise use, property rights, and the antienvironmental movement ; Market-based solutions : acid rain and the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 ; Ecosystem-based solutions : restoring the Florida everglades ; Local, collaborative problem solving : using habitat conservation plans to save Southern California's endangered landscape ; Making tradeoffs : urban sprawl and the evolving system of growth management in Portland, Oregon ; Conclusions : politics, values, and environmental policy change
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