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Genocide and human rights : a philosophical guide
Éditeur Palgrave Macmillan
Année 2005
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Genocide and human rights : a philosophical guide
1 vol. (XXI-352 p.) ; 23 cm
Bibliogr. p. [334]-340. Index
Classification Dewey
Prologue : Philosophy and genocide / John K. Roth ; Pt. 1: The problem of evil : how does genocide affect philosophy? / John K. Roth ; The evil in genocide / Berel Lang ; Rights, morality, and faith in the light of the Holocaust / Sander Lee ; How should genocide affect philosophy? / Frederick Sontag ; Genocide, despair, and religious hope : an essay on human nature / Stephen T. Davis ; The Holocaust and language / D.Z. Phillips ; Genocide, evil, and injustice : competing hells / Thomas W. Simon ; Pt. 2 : Innocent or guilty? Philosophy's involvement in genocide / John K. Roth ; The doctorhood of genocide / Colin Tatz ; The philosophical warrant for genocide / David Patterson ; The rational constitution of evil : reflections on Franz Baermann Steiner's critique of philosophy / Michael Mack ; Epistemic conditions for genocide / Emmanuel C. Eze ; Genocide and the totalizing philosopher : a Levinasian analysis / Leonard Grob ; Why do the happy inhabitants of Tahiti bother to exist at all? / Robert Bernasconi ; Pt. 3: Will genocide ever end? Genocide's challenge to philosophy / John K. Roth ; Refocusing genocide : a philosophical responsibility / Raimond Gaita ; Genocide and crimes against humanity / Norman Geras ; Innocence, genocide, and suicide bombings / Laurence M. Thomas ; Beyond the affectations of philosophy / James R. Watson ; The warring logics of genocide / Edith Wyschogrod ; Philosophy's obligation to the human being in the aftermath of genocide / Paul C. Santilli ; Pt. : Resistance, responsibility, and human rights : philosophy's response to genocide / John K. Roth ; Genocide and social death / Claudia Card ; Genocide and the "logic" of racism / John K. Roth ; The right to life, genocide, and the problem of bystander states / David H. Jones ; Repudiating inhumanity : cosmopolitan justice and the obligation to prosecute human rights atrocities / Patrick Hayden ; "The human material is too weak" / Roger S. Gottlieb ; Virtue ethics, mass killing, and hatred / Paul Woodruff ; Shame, the Holocaust, and dark times / Michael L. Morgan ; Epilogue : "After? ...Meaning what?" / John K. Roth
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