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The economic impacts of terrorist attacks
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The economic impacts of terrorist attacks
1 vol. (X-315 p.) : cartes ; 24 cm
Contributions à une conférence au Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events de l'Université de Californie du sud en août 2004
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Classification Dewey
1. Introduction / Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon and James E. Moore II ; 2. Transnational terrorism: an economic analysis / Todd Sandler and Walter Enders ; 3. You can only die once: interdependent security in an uncertain world / Geoffrey Heal and Howard Kunreuther ; 4. Increasing the security and reliability of the US electricity system / Lester B. Lave, Jay Apt, Alex Farrell and M. Granger Morgan ; 5. Mitigation of extreme event risks: electric power outrage and infrastructure failure interactions / Stephanie E. Chang, Timothy L. McDaniels and Dorothy Reed ; 6. Float together/sink together? The effect of connectivity on power systems / Richard E. Schuler ; 7. Current and improved biodefense cost–benefit assessment / Clark C. Abt ; 8. Improving the homeland security advisory system: an experimental analysis of threat communication for national security / Philip T. Ganderton, David S. Brookshire and Richard L. Bernknopf ; 9. Land markets and terrorism: uncovering perceptions of risk by examining land price changes following 9/11 / Christian L. Redfearn ; 10. Designing benefit–cost analyses for homeland security policies / V. Kerry Smith and Daniel G. Hallstrom ; 11. Analyzing terrorist threats to the economy: a computable general equilibrium approach / Adam Rose ; 12. Evaluating the viability of 100 per cent container inspection at America’s ports / Susan E. Martonosi, David S. Ortiz and Henry H. Willis ; 13. An overview of US port security programs / Jon D. Haveman, Howard J. Shatz and Ernesto I. Vilchis ; 14. The economic impact of a terrorist attack on the twin ports of Los Angeles–Long Beach / Peter Gordon, James E. Moore II, Harry W. Richardson and Qisheng Pan ; 15. The transportation implications of a terrorist attack on Seattle’s highway network / Chang-Hee Christine Bae, Larry Blain and Alon Bassok
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