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Religion as a public good : Jews and other Americans on religion in the public square
Éditeur Rowman & Littlefield
Année cop. 2003
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Religion as a public good : Jews and other Americans on religion in the public square
1 vol. (X-336 p.) ; 24 cm
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Classification Dewey
Introduction / Alan Mittleman ; 1. The Liberal Social Contract and the Privatization of Religion / Jean Bethke Elshtain ; 2. "A Proper Blessing?": The Jew and the American Public Square / Marc Dollinger ; 3. The Theological-Political Predicament of American Jewry / Alan Mittleman ; 4. The Probable Persistence of American Jewish Liberalism / Kenneth D. Wald ; 5. The Need for a Wall Separating Church and State: Why the Establishment Clause is so important for Jews and why Jews are so important for the Establishment Clause / Erwin Chemerinsky ; 6. American Jewry, Pre- and Post-9/11 / Gertrude Himmelfarb ; 7. Traditional Judaism and American Citizenship / William A. Galston ; 8. A Jewish Policy on Church-State Relations / David Novak ; 9. Jewish Law and American Public Policy: A principled Jewish Law view and some practical Jewish observations / Michael J. Broyde ; 10. Religious Diversity and the Common Good / Alan Wolfe ; 11. Religion and the Public Good / Michael Gottsegen ; 12. Judaism Influencing American Public Philosophy / Elliot N. Dorff ; 13. 9/11 and the Aftershocks: Rethinking American secularism and religious pluralism / Carl A. Raschke ; 14. The Jew in the American Public Square / Mickey Edwards ; 15. From China to Jersey City: Religious Pluralism, Religious Liberty, and Human Rights / Kevin J. Hasson ; Afterword: Looking Forward: From Jewish Interest to Judaic Principle / Jonathan Sacks
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