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Studies in public opinion : attitudes, nonattitudes, measurement error, and change
Éditeur Princeton University Press
Année cop. 2004
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Studies in public opinion : attitudes, nonattitudes, measurement error, and change
1 vol. (ix, 366 p.) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index
Classification Dewey
Different judgment models for policy questions: competing or complementary? / Willem E. Saris -- ; Separation of error, method effects, instability, and attitude strength / William van der Veld and Willem E. Saris -- ; Good, bad, and ambivalent: the consequences of multidimensional political attitudes / Michael F. Meffert, Michael Guge, and Milton Lodge -- ; The not-so-ambivalent public: policy attitudes in the political culture of ambivalence / Marco R. Steenbergen and Paul R. Brewer -- ; The structure of political argument and the logic of issue framing / Paul M. Sniderman and Sean M. Theriault -- ; Floating voters in the U.S. presidential elections, 1948-2000 / John Zaller -- ; Importance, knowledge, and accessibility: exploring the dimensionality of strength-related attitude properties / George Y. Bizer, ... [et. al.] -- ; Stability and change of opinion: the case of Swiss policy against pollution caused by cars / Hanspeter Kriesi -- ; Attitude strength and response stability of a quasi-balanced political alienation scale in a panel study / Jaak Billiet, Marc Swyngedouw, and Hans Waege -- ; Coping with the nonattitudes phenomenon: a survey research approach / Peter Neijens -- ; The influence of information on considered opinions: the example of the choice questionnaire / Danielle Bütschi -- ; A consistency theory of public opinion and political choice: the hypothesis of menu dependence / Paul M. Sniderman and John Bullock.
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