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Patriotism, democracy, and common sense : restoring America's promise at home and abroad
Éditeur Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation Rowman & Littlefield
Année c2004
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Patriotism, democracy, and common sense : restoring America's promise at home and abroad
1 vol. (xvi, 478 p.) ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index
Classification Dewey
The big picture / Alan Curtis ; National security in the twenty-first century / Gary Hart ; The challenge of managing dominance / Jessica Tuchman Mathews ; A compromised Central Intelligence Agency : what can be done? / Ray McGovern ; Does America have the wisdom to grasp the opportunity? / Clare Short ; The courage to keep on talking / Vivien Stern ; The European mistrust of American leadership / William Wallace ; America needs Europe / Sophie Body-Gendrot ; Challenging empire : the United Nations in a new internationalism / Phyllis A. Bennis ; Speaking truth to power : preventive diplomacy backed by force / William D. Hartung ; American foreign policy : a tragic "success" / Michael Parenti ; Concern and credibility / David Corn ; The necessity of persuasion : keeping Congress engaged / Alton Frye ; Security and democracy in the post-September 11 era / Raymond Shonholtz ; Village democracy and presidential leadership / Joseph C. Wilson IV ; Domino democracy : challenges to U.S. foreign policy in a post-Saddam Middle East / Eric M. Davis ; American leadership to create a two-state solution / Chris Toensing ; Awakening the American political debate on Palestine and Israel / Laurie E. King-Irani ; The future political and economic architecture of the Middle East / E. Roger Owen ; We are still all Americans / Julian Borger ; The financial, political, and moral deficits of the American empire / Jeff Faux ; ; The coming budget crisis and the rising threat of large-scale federal disinvestment / Robert Greenstein ; Full employment and the perils of empire / James K. Galbraith ; Concentrated power without responsibility / Ralph Nader ; Resequencing the DNA of capitalism / William Greider ; The failure of "free market-tough state" ideology / Elliott Currie ; September 11 and the criminal justice system / Marc Mauer ; The missing debate / Richard C. Leone ; It is time to break the silence / Yvonne Scruggs-Leftwich ; Civil liberties and effective investigation / Coleen M. Rowley ; Creation of the media democracy reform movement / Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols ; Electronic advocacy and fundraising : the state of the art / Eli Pariser ; Electronic counter-power and collective action / Howard Rheingold ; Independent reporting and the people's media / Amy Goodman ; Lessons from 1964 / Eric Alterman ; Thieves in high places / Jim Hightower ; Generating political hope in a time of fear / Micah L. Sifry ; Who has the emerging majority now? / Ruy Teixeira ; American politics and policy : we don't have time to despair / Fred R. Harris
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