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The future of domestic capital markets in developing countries
Éditeur Brookings Institution Press
Année 2003
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The future of domestic capital markets in developing countries
x, 532 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Contributions à une conférence tenue en avril 2003 à Washington, D.C.
Includes bibliographical references and index
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332.041 091 724
Introduction / Robert E. Litan, Michael Pomerleano, and V. Sundararajan -- ; Part One, Capital market development around the world. Trends in developing-country capital markets around the world / Gerd Häusler, Donald J. Mathieson, and Jorge Roldos. The development of domestic markets for government bonds / Clemente del Valle and Piero Ugolini. Bond market development : what are the policy issues? / Philip Turner. Panel summary : country experiences with capital market development -- ; Part Two, Integrated supervision. Market discipline and financial stability / Glenn Hoggarth, Patricia Jackson, and Erlend Nier. Supervision at the micro level: do disclosure-based regimes work? / Alan Cameron. Domestic capital market reform and access to global finance : making markets work / Peter Blair Henry and Peter Lombard Lorentzen. Capital market development and nurturing the IPO market / Reena Aggarwal. Managing risks in financial market development : the role of sequencing / Cem Karacadag, V. Sundararajan, and Jennifer Elliot. Panel summary : does integrated supervision work in emerging markets? -- ; Part Three, Securities trading. Changing market structures, demutualization, and the future of securities trading / Ruben Lee. Corporate governance issues and returns in emerging markets / Amar Gill. Capital structures and control rights : patterns, trade-offs, and policy implications / Olivier Frémont and Mierta Capaul. Identifying vulnerabilities, promoting financial stability, and other challenges / Patrick K. Conroy and Arne B. Petersen. Panel summary : approaches to securities trading -- ; Part Four, Private equity. Capital structure, rates of return, sand financing corporate growth : comparing developed and emerging markets, 1994-2000. Corporate financing patterns and performance in emerging markets / Dilip Ratha, Philip Suttle, and Sanket Mohapatra. Panel summary : the role of private equity in the development of capital markets.
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