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The comparative study of conscription in the armed forces
Éditeur JAI
Année 2002
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The comparative study of conscription in the armed forces
XIX-424 p. ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (p. 389-424)
Classification Dewey
355.223 63
Introduction / Lars Mjøset and Stephen van Holde -- Part I : Historical perspectives -- ; Killing for the state, dying for the nation : an introductory essay on the life cycle of conscription into Europe's armed forces / Lars Mjøset and Stephen van Holde -- ; Conscription as ideology : revolutionary France and the nation in arms / Alan Forrest -- ; Citizen-soldiers, national service and the mass army : the birth of conscription in revolutionary Europe and North America / Meyer Kestnbaum -- ; Globalization, conscription, and anti-militarism in pre-World War I Europe / David M. Rowe -- ; Who's using whom? : A comparison of military conscription in Guatemala and Senegal in the first half of the twentieth century / David Carey, Jr. -- ; Of war and virtue : gender, American citizenship and veterans' benefits after World War II / Gretchen Ritter -- Part II : Contemporary perspectives -- ; Traditional gendered identities : national service and the all volunteer force / Paul R. Higate -- ; Recruitment of children as soldiers in sub-Saharan Africa : an ecological analysis / Michael Wessells -- ; Militia conscription in Sierra Leone : recruitment of young fighters in an African war / Paul Richards -- ; Conscription and its alternatives / Bjørn Møller -- ; The European farewell to conscription? / Rafael Ajangiz -- Part III : Review symposium section -- ; Consent, dissent, and patriotism : a summary / Margaret Levi -- ; State theory, historical sociology and the challenge of the international / John M. Hobson -- ; Democratic states and societies at war : the global context / Tarak Barkawi -- ; An analytic narrative of conscription : cases, contexts, and causes / Margaret Levi.
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