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The politics of global governance : international organizations in an interdependent world
Éditeur Lynne Rienner Publ.
Année 2001
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The politics of global governance : international organizations in an interdependent world
2nd ed.
VII-515 p. ; 23 cm
Notes bibliogr. Index.
Classification Dewey
Why states act through formal international organizations / Kenneth W. Abbott and Duncan Snidal -- ; The (im)mortality of international governmental organizations / Richard Cupitt, Rodney Whitlock, and Lynn Williams Whitlock -- ; INGOs and the organization of world culture / John Boli and George M. Thomas -- ; The framework for inquiry / Robert Cox and Harold K. Jacobson -- ; Power and satisfaction in the Security Council / Barry O'Neill -- ; Financing the United Nations and the international public sector : problems and reform / Ruben P. Mendez -- ; The idea and the reality of collective security / Lynn H. Miller -- ; Forks in the road : theoretical and policy concerns for 21st century peacekeeping / Paul F. Diehl -- ; NATO's post-Cold War collective action problem / Joseph Lepgold -- ; What the Third World wants : an interpretation of the development and meaning of the new international economic order ideology / Craig N. Murphy -- ; The International Monetary Fund and developing countries : a review of the evidence and policy options / Graham Bird -- ; The new wave of regionalism / Edward D. Mansfield and Helen V. Milner -- ; Human rights : Amnesty International and the United Nations / Ramesh Thakur -- ; NGOs and the UN system in complex humanitarian emergencies : conflict or cooperation? / Andrew S. Natsios -- ; Strengthening compliance with international environmental accords / Harold K. Jacobson and Edith Brown Weiss -- ; The global women's movement : articulating a new vision of global governance / Ellen Dorsey -- ; United Nations relations with the United States : the UN must look out for itself / John L. Washburn -- ; Thinking about the future of the UN system / Chadwick F. Alger.
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