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Open doors : foreign participation in financial systems in developing countries
Éditeur Brookings Institution Press
Année c2001
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Open doors : foreign participation in financial systems in developing countries
vii, 440 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Based on a conference held on Apr. 19-21, 2001, in New York City, jointly sponsored by the World Bank, the IMF and the Brookings Institution
Includes bibliographical references and index
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332.109 172 4
Introduction / Robert E. Litan, Paul Masson, and Michael Pomerleano -- ; Pt. 1. How important is financial sector FDI and what are its impacts? Foreign banks in emerging markets / Donald J. Mathieson and Jorge Roldós -- ; Pt. 2. What foreign institutions do in emerging markets: overview. Foreign banks in emerging markets: an institutional study / Michael Pomerleano and George J. Vojta. Liberalization of insurance markets: issues and concerns / Harold D. Skipper, Jr. Foreign participation in emerging securities industries / Ranjit Ajit Singh, Attila Emam, and Kar Mei Tang. Institutional experiences in emerging markets: summary of comments / Paul Masson -- ; Pt. 3. What foreign institutions do in emerging markets: sector report. Foreign bank influence in the Czech Republic / Donald G. Simonson. Does foreign ownership conribute to sounder banks?: the Latin American experience / Jennifer S. Crystal, B. Gerard Dages, and Linda S. Goldberg. Foreign financial firms in Asia / Nicholas R. Lardy -- ; Pt. 4. Policies toward financial sector FDI. Opening banking to foreign competition / Edward M. Graham. Borderless trading and developing securities markets / Benn Steil. Financial services and the WTO: what next? / Pierre Sauvé and Karsten Steinfatt -- ; Pt. 5. Moving into the future: potential for financial sector e-commerce. E-Finance and financial stability / Philip Turner. E-commerce issues and challenges for emerging markets / Tom Glaessner, Ed Horowtiz [i.e. Horowitz], Robert Ledig, and Ed Ritchser.
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