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Managing financial and corporate distress : lessons from Asia
Éditeur Brookings Institution Press
Année c2000
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Managing financial and corporate distress : lessons from Asia
x, 500 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Papers presented at a conference sponsored by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Brookings Institution, held in March 2000
Includes bibliographical references (p. 478-480) and index
Classification Dewey
336.343 5
Introduction / Charles Adams, Robert E. Litan, and Michael Pomerleano -- ; How easy should debt restructuring be? / Benjamin M. Friedman -- ; The role of institutions for collective action / Richard Portes -- ; Financial stabilization and initial restructuring of East Asian corporations : approaches, results, and lessons / Masahiro Kawai, Ira Lieberman, and William P. Mako -- ; Debt restructuring in East Asia : government and the corporate sector / Joel A. Binamira and William C. Haworth -- ; Financial sector restructuring in East Asia / Gregory Root, Paul Grela, Mark Jones, and Anand Adiga -- ; Restructuring in East Asia : long-term growth implications for the crisis economies / Bernard Eschweiler.
Facilitating bank and corporate restructuring : the role of government / Stefan Ingves and Dong He -- ; Governments as managers of systemic financial crises : controlling costs by integrating bank and corporate restructuring / David Scott -- ; The London approach and corporate debt restructuring in East Asia / Gerald E. Meyerman -- ; Short-term debt and financial crises / Dipak Dasgupta, Dilip Ratha, Dennis P.J. Botman, and Ashish Narain -- ; What you see versus what you get : derivatives in international capital flows / Peter M. Garber -- ; Financial risk management and liquidity crises / Timothy S. Wilson -- ; Will self-protection policies safeguard emerging markets from crises? / Kenneth M. Kletzer and Ashoka Mody -- ; Managing risks of global financial market integration / Mansoor Dailami.
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